1. Long-term study of behavioral ecology of the wolf in the Slovak Carpathians (1995 - 2002) In co-operation with the Society for the Protection of Wolf (Germany)
  2. Revival of livestock guarding dogs tradition in Slovakia (1995 - 1997) Supported by the Soros Foundation (USA)
  3. Livestock guarding dogs and carnivore conservation in Slovakia (2000 - 2004) Supported by the Born Free Foundation (UK)
  4. Chamois, wolves and bears of the Nízke Tatry mountains (2004 - 2008) Project implemented in co-operation with the Biosphere Expeditions (UK)
  5. Brown bear corridors in Slovakia (2004 - 2010) Supported by the Frankfurt Zoological Society (Germany)
  6. Trans –European Wildlife Networks Project - TEWN (2008 - 2009) Implemented in-cooperation with nine European NGOs and supported by DBU and Frankfurt Zoological Society (Germany) 
  7. Ako chrániť hospodárske zvieratá proti veľkým šelmám (2010 - 2011) Supported by Environmentálny fond (Slovakia)
  8. Bär – Mensch – Interaktionen in der Slowakei (2007 - 2011) Supported by Andrea von Braun Stiftung (Germany) and implemented in-cooperation with the Carpathian Wildlife Society 


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